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Venice: Romantic Getaway

My wife and I were off to Venice this past weekend. It was the first time back for us in almost 7 years. What an amazing, gorgeous place. We got extremely lucky because the weather was extraordinary and we just … Continue reading

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NSFCCDP Film Review: Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

OK, so my expectations were initially high because I thought “Shit both cowboys and aliens in the same move – that’s gotta rock!” Then I reconsidered and thought, “Man, that could also really suck.” So, I had to naturally make … Continue reading

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Traffic Circle Rant and FourSquare Addiction

I mean really, WTF!?! The folks that design traffic circles and workarounds on construction sites must all have some sort of collective mental retardation here in the region around Paris. I mean, here’s a great idea: let’s work on a … Continue reading

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I Cugini, Penelope and Pink Floyd’s Animals

The kids are away and my wife and I get to pretend we are childless for a week before a romantic getaway weekend in Venice to see La Treviatta this weekend at the legendary Fenice Operahouse. So, we are able … Continue reading

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The New New HP

Ok, so it is crazy just about everywhere these days. Microsoft’s purchase of Skype and Motorola Mobile acquisitions by Google are game-changing moves but don’t change the fiber of either company. However, the dropping of WebOS and PC’s by HP … Continue reading

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Get well soon cousin of mine! and back to sports for me!

I heard from my mom today that one of my California cousins had a few light strokes. The cousin in question is only a few years older than me (must be about 48 I reckon) and is a fantastic chef … Continue reading

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Paris Plage 2011

I can’t claim to be a Paris Plage regular but I have tried to go at least one day every year in its 10 year existence. For those not “in the know”, Paris Plage is an operation of the city … Continue reading

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Returning Home, Back to Paris

Being an ex-pat for over 16 years now makes concept of “home” a bit special. I mean is home where my dad, mom and sister are,where I grew up? Or is it the glittering tourist trap several thousand miles away … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Miami

The long 3-week Miami vacation is already over. It seems to have passed by so fast. Today, we visited Crandon Park Beach and enjoyed the white powdery sand and waving palm trees and the warm water. We ran into a … Continue reading

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What do The Fontana Brunch, Al Capone and Barrack Obama have in common?

Holy cow. I mean what else can you say after a brunch which took us three hours to fully profit from and most of the afternoon to digest? It was really splendid. Pastries, oysters, caviar, fresh crab and shrimp, fresh … Continue reading

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