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Happy Halloween

Gonna try and do a little Halloween partying tonight for the first time in several years. First, a family dinner cocktail and then my friend JuJu’s bash. So, all I can report is that here in Paris the weather was … Continue reading

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Band Review: The Black Keys

I don’t know a whole lot of two person bands. I mean there is, of course, the late White Stripes and They Might Be Giants but the list is rather short. Well, one quintisential band in this category is The … Continue reading

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TV Series: Weeds S02 – The Sophomore Curse?

Still playing catch up with a few series, I finished Season 2 of Weeds today. There were some hilarious moments, particularly around the sexual awakening of Shane and the misadventures of Celia. The tragedy of Peter was predictable but a … Continue reading

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Expo Review: Munch: The Modern Eye at Centre Pompidou

This year, Paris seems to be a bit bereft of top shelf expositions. The Toys expo at the Grand Palais doesn’t really attract me too much. Orsay’s Oscar Wilde’s melancholic England sounds a bit boring, the Louvre’s Great Emperors of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Molly Ivins: A Rebel Life

Earlier this year, I made a deal with myself to read some biographies and thus reduce the backlog of nightstand books haunting me day after day. I reviewed Isaacson’s Einstein some months back and after my Kawasaki and Klostermann detours, … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this photo?

I saw this photo in Paris today as I was headed to the Centre Pompidou. It is a recruitment campaign for, get this, prison guards. Pretty surreal, right? The slogan across the top says, “What society could get by without … Continue reading

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Expo Review: Ukiyo-e at the Japanese Cultural Center in Paris

There is a fantastic expo of Japanese prints at the Maison de la Culture du japon running until late December here in Paris. Curiously, it is the collection from Corfu in Greece but totally worth a hour or two for … Continue reading

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TV Show Reviews: Dexter S06E04 and Weeds S02E04

I do miss having Showtime and HBO over here, not to mention Sunday afternoon football. So, I have to get all my data over the web. I am pleased with Tebow’s starting QB debut and comeback yesterday against the hapless … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

I already started reviewing this book a few posts back and wanted to give you a more complete rundown now that I finished it. While it started out a bit dated with the Hush Puppies example of something that tipped, … Continue reading

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The Short Road to Recovery and TV Review: Homeland

The operation on my knee went predictably well. Other than the slight regression concerning the peridural and loss of bladder control…apparently I shouldn’t worry because 50% of folks that get a peridural have these sorts of little, um, accidents. It … Continue reading

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