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TV Series: Bored To Death S02

In Season 2, this series took a quantum leap in terms of humor and writing. While S01 had some funny lines and subtext, S02 took it to another level with Super Ray and the third rail and the bonding of … Continue reading

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TV Series: Bored To Death S01

It took a little while for Bored To Death to grow on me. It starts out really quirky and the connections between the main characters Jonathan, Ray, and George are loose and a bit ambiguous. It was funny in a … Continue reading

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Musings on coffee and cigarettes

Keith posted a comment on the previous post asking me to muse on coffee and cigarettes on various continents as related to stress management. Well, I think that’s what he asked. So, to fill in a few days where I … Continue reading

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A sort of homecoming, Part 2

It’s funny, but in all the years I spent growing up in Miami, I never saw the sunrise over the beach. Having woken up this morning at 5am due to jetlag, I decided to correct that injustice. My mom was … Continue reading

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Metal memories Part 2

Growing up, I pretended to be a muscle-bound metalhead rather than the puny nerd that I really was and during that period, I discovered Metallica with Master of Puppets. A buddy and I would do bench presses with Battery cranked … Continue reading

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A sort of homecoming, Part 1

I am headed back home on the way to a business meeting tomorrow. I get asked a lot how often I go back home since i have been living over in Paris for 16 odd years. Well, on average, I’d … Continue reading

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Artistic Family?

I never really considered myself as coming from an artistic family, but I think I was selling some of my kin short. So, quick pitch of two folks in my family that rock – one literally and one figuratively. My … Continue reading

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TV Series: Homeland S01 – Interesting Twists at the end

[WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT] I just finished S01 of the Showtime war-against-terror series Homeland. I talked about the first five episodes a few days ago and wanted to give some insight into the rest of the season. Actually, there was a … Continue reading

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Aspirated Ouis and The Meat Purveyors

The Parisian accent is actually pretty different than the “standard” French accent. There are loads of expressions specific to residents here. For example, Parisians refer to Paris as “Paname” for reasons unknown. There is also a special language called Verlain … Continue reading

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So, when is that rest stop again, Paris d’enfants, and Ninjago

I am still buried in work stuff despite working over the weekend. It is so exhausting what with the kids and wife and all. Argh. Birthday idea for kids in Paris: There is an association called Paris d’enfants that organizes visits … Continue reading

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