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Memories of a lost friend

Do you have some songs that immediately remind you of someone? For me, Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley takes me back to the brief period that I knew a certain AF. I met her almost exactly ten years ago when … Continue reading

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Changing Wheels – B180 vs Passat

After 6 years with a Mercedes Class B180, I have just switched over to a Volkswagen Passat. The picture is blurry due to the tears on the iPhone 4s lens. Basically, Benz was removed from the company car list recently … Continue reading

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The Serpent’s Tail – and more thoughts on teaching

While sitting in traffic this morning, I thought a bit on the absurdity on modern life. Just sitting in traffic in a car seems absurd when I think of all the more productive things I could be doing. But worse, … Continue reading

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Being a teacher

This week I am teaching a 5-day class on architecture for the 8th time. The experience has definitely made me appreciate how exhausting a job teaching is. I used to believe that teachers – particularly university professors – were folks … Continue reading

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Blogging and Ego, Part 2 – Klout

A while back, I wrote about the egotistical nature of blogging. Well, I continue to obsessively observe my daily hit rate (about 30-90 on a given day but an average of about 50) and remark with satisfaction a growing (though … Continue reading

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TV Series: Seasons 5 of Californication and House of Lies almost complete

They are nearly over – only 2 episodes left for each – and things are in meltdown for both Hank and Marty. I know, it is a TV show, so this will all probably work out in the end, but … Continue reading

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iOS Games: Angry Birds in Space

Those guys at Rovio rock hard. Pigs in Space, the return. The idea is incredible – I mean the whole flinging birds at pigs in the previous incarnations of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio was already … Continue reading

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Dread and Loathing -or- bad things come in threes

I was thinking about the difference between fear and dread. I think fear is suspecting something bad is going to happen, whereas dread is knowing it will. Right now, I am dreading tax season like I do every year. As … Continue reading

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More VMware tips for using Fusion with Windows VMs: Memory management and networking

I still have a couple of other tips in terms of using VMware Fusion with Windows VMs. Yesterday, I focused on my favorite tools. Here I thought I’d mention some of the best practices I have picked up. Memory management: … Continue reading

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Some favorite tools I use in my VMware images when testing pplications on Windows

In my marketing job, it is surprisingly rare that I actually get my hands dirty with the software I promote. This week, I dove in head first on my VMware Fusion image and thought perhaps I’d share a couple tips … Continue reading

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