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The Leopard by Tomasi di Lampedusa – a true 20th C masterpiece both of literature and cinema

This summer I actually got some good reading done. I had been plagued with seeing The Leopard by Lampedusa in various bookstores in Italy, but did not really know what it was about aside from the reunification of Italy in … Continue reading

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Debates about Jazz – Mtume vs Crouch back in 2010

A colleague passed me a link to this Mtume/Crouch debate, and it was fascinating. I am realising that in Jazz Criticism there is a sort of more conservative school lead by Ken Burns / Stanley Crouch / Wynton Marsalis, and … Continue reading

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TV Series: Game of Thrones S04 and Fargo S01 – both amazing shows!

Two great shows ended their seasons this week: Game of Thrones with a tumultuous 4th season and Fargo’s elliptical first. I’ll try to avoid spoilers but some are going to be inevitable. Game of Thrones introduced (and re-introduced) some characters … Continue reading

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Reading about Jazz: Giddins, Trane, Pepper and Miles – oh and Dylan too

I have been on a jazz kick for nearly a month. Well, for years actually but recently, more obsessed tha n usual. I had a copy of Gary Giddins’ Visions of Jazz staring at me accusingly from my bookshelf for … Continue reading

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NSFCCDP Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – Cruise in yet another SciFi Thriller

m.poulet and I went this week to see the latest Tom Cruise SciFi flick with Emily Blunt – Edge of Tomorrow. While not incredibly original – kind of a mashup of Groundhog Day, Elysium, and District 9 – it was … Continue reading

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Food and Travel: Chengdu – Hot Pot Paradise!

I am getting around to this really late I know, but back in May, I visited Chengdu, China for the first time and it was amazing. Well, honestly, the city (China’s 4th biggest and the capital of the Sichuan province) … Continue reading

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TV Series Flashback: Game of Thrones S01 – We all miss you, Ned!

While on my return trip from the US last week, as the kids were sleeping I binged on S01 of Game of Thrones that happened to be on the airplane entertainment system. It was an awesome experience because so much … Continue reading

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