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Paris with/out Kids: Place de la Republique, a parental lunch in the 3rd, and a bike excursion

After nearly 2 years of crippling traffic jams in the neighborhood, Paris finally unveiled the “new” Place de la Republique. Basically it eliminated traffic passing on the north side of the square and created two way traffic down the “Grands … Continue reading

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Being Dad: A Surreal Parisian Open Doors Experience

Living in the City of Lights has its ups and downs and a large share of surreal moments – particularly when dealing with any portion of the French administration. Saturday, the various municipal centres for sports (besides the city pools … Continue reading

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The Paris Burger Wars of 2012: and the winner is…

It has probably gone on for a while without any of my readers taking notice of it, but the War of the Burgers, 2012 is raging full-on here in Paris. I have undertaken the momentous job of sampling the various … Continue reading

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Mythology and Modern Times

My unique voyage to India was a business trip to Bangalore a few years back. I was enchanted by the vibrancy of the city with its myriad of colors and smells. But, the thing that made the deepest impression on … Continue reading

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Adventures in Boboland

I went out on a bender in Boboland yesterday. It is not a very common occurrence for me to go out and get plastered contrary to public opinion, but I was in need of an evening with the boys of … Continue reading

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Random Notes for a Monday

As for TV, I am still trying to catch up on Rescue Me (but I have a LONG way to go) and following Californication S05 and Justified S03 and really enjoying them. I tried a new show yesterday, Hou$e of … Continue reading

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5-year old boy birthday party: a user’s guide

Perhaps I was overly ambitious, but I survived yesterday’s birthday party for my 5-year old with 17 of his little friends. I found an association in Paris called Paris d’Enfants which organizes cultural visits to Parisian monuments for kids of all … Continue reading

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Aspirated Ouis and The Meat Purveyors

The Parisian accent is actually pretty different than the “standard” French accent. There are loads of expressions specific to residents here. For example, Parisians refer to Paris as “Paname” for reasons unknown. There is also a special language called Verlain … Continue reading

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Bistro Review: La Tartine – For the casual lover of cheese and wine and bread

Sometimes I need to be reminded of why I am living in Paris. I talked yesterday (or was I complaining, I can’t recall) about traffic here and there are times when I am really at the end of my Parisian … Continue reading

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A watched pot: an ode to waiting

You know that expression, “a watched pot never boils?” I think it is fair to translate it into 21st century terms and say, “a watched inbox gets no new mail.” Remember all those times you waited next to your phone … Continue reading

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