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A Tale of Unmatched Socks

I noticed yesterday that I had six unpaired socks in my socks-n-undies drawer. This caused lots of existential questions to surface to my consciousness. Where did the “other halves” disappear too? Is there a singularity that appears occasionally in the … Continue reading

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Three Tales of Two Cities in Rococo Sicily and Champagne

So, I am back from vacation in Italy and feeling refreshed and ready to blog again :) I learned several things about the cities in Sicily I am most familiar and this put me on the train of thought that … Continue reading

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Quitting Smoking: Causes of Addiction and Some Advice

I quit smoking for the third time nearly 18 days ago. I wrote back in January about starting smoking again. A BIG THANK YOU GOING OUT TO ALL MY WELL-WISHERS ON FACEBOOK – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Well, having built … Continue reading

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An annoyance…and a small victory :)

I am in a bit of a crap mood of late. Perhaps it is the rainy debut to spring or something. Do you ever want to destroy your washing machine? Mine makes this incredibly annoying screechy BEEEEEP BEEEEEP when the … Continue reading

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The Serpent’s Tail – and more thoughts on teaching

While sitting in traffic this morning, I thought a bit on the absurdity on modern life. Just sitting in traffic in a car seems absurd when I think of all the more productive things I could be doing. But worse, … Continue reading

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Random Notes for a Monday

As for TV, I am still trying to catch up on Rescue Me (but I have a LONG way to go) and following Californication S05 and Justified S03 and really enjoying them. I tried a new show yesterday, Hou$e of … Continue reading

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5-year old boy birthday party: a user’s guide

Perhaps I was overly ambitious, but I survived yesterday’s birthday party for my 5-year old with 17 of his little friends. I found an association in Paris called Paris d’Enfants which organizes cultural visits to Parisian monuments for kids of all … Continue reading

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Getting older but not wiser?

Man, I came to the realization this morning that getting old sucks. Between the busted meniscus in my knee and the crick in my neck this morning, I got a rude reminder of my 42 years of age and it … Continue reading

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Cooking with my kids over the holidays

One of my resolutions even before the 1st of January was to cook with my kids. I had a blast. We made raviolis with pumpkin and clams (they rolled the pasta and helped fill the raviolis), spaghetti and meatballs (which … Continue reading

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My Year in Blogging, part 2

After a little insisting on the wordpress support site (thanks again guys!), they agreed to build me a nice blog summary page here. For those that are curious about the postaday2011 challenge, they have a nice page about it with … Continue reading

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