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Sights in Beijing: The Summer Palace – the greatest stroll in the capital?

On my arrival in Beijing, I slept for a few hours and then headed out to the Summer Palace on the clear opposite side of town. I took the Line 1 and then the Line 4 metro out – it … Continue reading

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Hotel Review: Mercure Downtown Beijing – avoid it if you can

I took a red-eye flight in Economy to Beijing from Paris yesterday and must admit to being totally exhausted right now. A colleague was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and take me to the Mercure Beijing … Continue reading

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Fino’s Guide to (Southeastern) Sicily: Some Highlights

I have taken three vacations in southern Sicily over the last four years. Two of them have been in Marina di Ragusa and one in the Club Med Village at nearby Kamarina – the latter barely counts because, as I … Continue reading

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Chasing the Cachelot: The New Bedford Whaling Museum

I can’t quite explain my current mania for whaling museums. I find whaling to be brutish and unnecessary, but perhaps it is due to my long-standing admiration for Moby Dick and my tendency to go super deep in subjects that … Continue reading

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Three Tales of Two Cities in Rococo Sicily and Champagne

So, I am back from vacation in Italy and feeling refreshed and ready to blog again :) I learned several things about the cities in Sicily I am most familiar and this put me on the train of thought that … Continue reading

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Travel Notes: The Nantucket Whaling Museum – a MUST!

I had the pleasure of a weekend in Boston recently between two working weeks and decided to go see something original and of which I had heard so much: The Whaling Museum on the island of Nantucket. Now, you may … Continue reading

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Travel and Food: Japan and the art of shabu shabu

Last night, we celebrated a family birthday at a wonderful little tiny Japanese restaurant in Paris called Kiku (56 rue Richet in the 9th – FANTASTIC PLACE). During the dinner, my tablemate and I started chatting about travel and food … Continue reading

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Les Vignes Buissonières: Adventures in Wine Tasting

I wrote back in 2009 about my first Vignes Buissonnières experience and had the opportunity to repeat the experience on June 10 this year. This time it was held across from Hortus and Pic St Loup in the village/vineyard of … Continue reading

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Travel with Kids: The harrowing return flight

The flight back home from Miami wasn’t actually as bad as I had imagined. Since it was a night flight, they were relatively tuckered out. My son slept across two seats. Since I had taken the window seat but behind … Continue reading

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Traveling with Kids: Everglades National Park and the Anhinga Trail

Today was a bit slower for the kids. A little pool-time, a good Cuban lunch (Mario’s Latino Café in Homestead – highly recommendable!) and a good nap in the morning. Naturally though, the day that they take a deep nap … Continue reading

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