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Patience is a virtue…and a book review: The Outfit by Richard Stark

I am not normally a very patient person. Some might go to the extreme of calling me impatient in fact. But I am learning. After almost 3 years of struggle, I have seen several of my initiatives come to fruition … Continue reading

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Some Advice: Beware of Lurking Friends in Restaurants – or – The Joys of Business Dining

So, I had this business dinner (which I dreaded by the way). I was told it was in this swanky restaurant. Stupidly, I sort of bragged to a friend of mine about it. Well, bragged is rather strong, I just … Continue reading

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Mythology and Modern Times

My unique voyage to India was a business trip to Bangalore a few years back. I was enchanted by the vibrancy of the city with its myriad of colors and smells. But, the thing that made the deepest impression on … Continue reading

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The Serpent’s Tail – and more thoughts on teaching

While sitting in traffic this morning, I thought a bit on the absurdity on modern life. Just sitting in traffic in a car seems absurd when I think of all the more productive things I could be doing. But worse, … Continue reading

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Being a teacher

This week I am teaching a 5-day class on architecture for the 8th time. The experience has definitely made me appreciate how exhausting a job teaching is. I used to believe that teachers – particularly university professors – were folks … Continue reading

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More VMware tips for using Fusion with Windows VMs: Memory management and networking

I still have a couple of other tips in terms of using VMware Fusion with Windows VMs. Yesterday, I focused on my favorite tools. Here I thought I’d mention some of the best practices I have picked up. Memory management: … Continue reading

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Some favorite tools I use in my VMware images when testing pplications on Windows

In my marketing job, it is surprisingly rare that I actually get my hands dirty with the software I promote. This week, I dove in head first on my VMware Fusion image and thought perhaps I’d share a couple tips … Continue reading

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Changing the rules

I used to have three basic rules for success that I mentioned in passing last year: the squeaky wheel gets the grease, quality before quantity, and make yourself indispensable. After a beer-soaked discussion last night with m.poulet, I feel inclined … Continue reading

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Matricial Organization Survival Guide

I got to thinking about how one survives in matricial organizations where the lines of power are unclear and crisscrossed and thought I’d jot down some thoughts. Since one isn’t really sure who is pulling the strings and the decision-making … Continue reading

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News from Orlando: Behind the scenes

Dear reader, I have once again hopelessly neglected you for nearly a week. I have a good excuse: giant sales conference in Orlando all week. That entails either loads of meetings and presentations or too much beer (or both?). Yet, … Continue reading

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