Tips for using Leopard over Windows Part 2: VMware and XP co-habitation made easy

Another tip I found useful for integrating my various environments between Leopard and VMware XP and Windows 2003 images:

Leave all data (Outlook and all Office files) on the Leopard disk and mount them into a common disk in your virtual machines (I used the M: drive). This way, no matter what VM you are working in, you can still get to all your files and even use Outlook when necessary.


Importing mailboxes: create a shortcut to the M:\Outlook directory in c:\documents and settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook so that when you use Data Management to find all the pst files, you just have to click on the shortcut to find them on the Leopard disk.
Shortcuts to common content:

Use the Start Toolbar and create new toolbars pointing to your favorite document directories. I numbered all of mine and then put the top three or four on the Start Bar for easy access.


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