Another Monday…

Whew, was looking at some huge outer joins today. I really needed some more coffee! So, another week is starting. Rainy morning didn’t help. Further market slippage in Hong Kong and Toyko didn’t help either. Ho hum. Guess we all need to strap in and prepare for a very bumpy landing.

Wish I had more to report – well, a pal at my new company gave me a nice note-taking tip for Notes. But still, it doesn’t match OneNote from Microsoft. Actually, I think I am going to like Voodoo Pad. I had “install MediaWiki on MBP” on my RTM list for a while. Guess I can drop that and exchange for “Use Voodoo Pad as personal wiki and start massive note-taking there” in RTM…

Someone on the internal blog suggested that ReQall for the iPhone – sounds very interesting and am going to check it out. Someone else internally said that they read about up to 6 GB support on MBP despite the loss of dual-channel support due to mis-matched SO-DIMMs. Then someone else countered with an article saying that any system memory > 4GB was relatively unstable. Oh well, I’ll stop drooling now at the prospect of a > 4 GB laptop.

Anyone else out there on I know the client is kinda bloat-ware but I like the song lists and it is not bound by US boundaries like Pandora Radio is.

Happy surfing to all.

About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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