Recent Expos – Di Chirico and Egypt: Portal to the Heavens

Gotta get back in the expo swing because all the majors are ending in the next 8 weeks or so.
This past week I caught two:
Giorgio di Chirico at Musée de l’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. It was an interesting expo and rather huge (150 paintings!) with good literature. That being said, it seems that Giorgio hit a stride with the dreamy buildings/greek statues and boats/chimneys on the horizon paintings really early and did not really – significantly – change his style over time. He even re-did those paintings in the 50’s. An interesting and eclectic painter, he frequented lots of circles including the surrealists but was never easily categorizable. The self-portraits in the form of classic paintings were interesting as well. Overall, I think that he is not my favorite 20th C painter but an interesting one nonetheless. The catalog was beautifully bound and at only 41€, I purchased it. Perhaps on “relecture”, I’ll find more to appreciate.

Egypt: Portal to the Heavens at the Louvre was very interesting. And quite empty compared to other Louvre exhibits. Too beautiful outside? Too intellectual for the tourists? Who knows, but pleasant for me and my friend who could enjoy it without getting pushed out of the way. The exhibit deals with the origins of the religion of the pharoahs as it evolved over almost 4000 years. Quite fascinating: lots of murder, incest, and all the essentials for a religion. Some of the common symbols that I have seen in the past were explained such as the djed, or pillar (representing the chopped up trunk of Osiris), the tit, or knot (representing Isis when she sewed up her brother’s body just before reviving it and making love to it to create Horus), the ka and ba (respectively the statues of the dead left for veneration by the survivors and the spirit passing between the “real” and “after” lives. All in all, quite fascinating. Didn’t grab the catalog though…

Next up…A Century of Jazz at Quai Branly!


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