NSFCCDP Movie Reviews – Star Trek XI and Terminator Renaissance

Last month, we inaugurated a group called “Nerd SciFi CinéClub De Paris” NSFCCDF among a few friends and despite being a little late, here are some quick reviews of the two films we’ve seen so far:

Star Trek XI – Personally, I didn’t like Chris Pine’s Kirk very much but the others and particularly Zach Quinto-alias-Skylar who was excellent. OK, so it is pretty Hollywood and american but incredibly entertaining. There were 4 guys and 1 girl in our group and all had a great time. Comment from the girl in the group: costumes were very 60’s and very fun. The guys: Uhuru was really sexy (hotter than the 60’s version). All were impressed with the special effects and especially appreciated was the technique used to re-introduce the classic characters – we loved Bones and Scotty! Definitely worthy of the Trek legacy in our collective opinion. Live long and prosper!

Terminator Renaissance – Thumbs down all around 😦 This time there were four guys and we all felt that the writing was sub-par, the acting almost abominable, and the editing haphazard and often unintelligible. As expected, the special effects were excellent but there were so many gaps in the story, too many sappy “love” scenes (without any gratuitous nudity except a little cleavage) and a stupid, non-sensical appearance of a naked Schwatzy (was it really him or a fake one? hard to tell ‘cos it looked so plastic and fake). I think they took themselves and their story too seriously at one point. Or perhaps, they should have simply stopped at T3…In any case, the NSFCCDP was not impressed and left the cinema very disappointed…

Next up: Transformers II!!


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2 Responses to NSFCCDP Movie Reviews – Star Trek XI and Terminator Renaissance

  1. lili says:

    Cuzin Fino! I think you (we) have found your calling!
    You R critic/reviewer! It’s in the stars!
    These R great, not too complicated, cover all the bases, and actually helpful.
    cuz lili

  2. I missed Shatner’s Kirk. The man is inimatable, but I do think Chris Pine deserves another shot at captaining the Enterprise. It might just take him a while to settle into the roll.

    Thanks for the reviews!

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