Marina di Ragusa, Porto Vecchio and Back to Work

I have been quite remiss in not making any posts since – OMG! – June. We spend two weeks in southern Siciliy in a beach community called Marina di Ragusa which is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours south of Catania. It is a fantastic little town with an excellent (and clean!) beach, lots of fresh fish and fruits and veggies, an excellent bakery, and loads of amazing Sicilian gelato. Oh and they have great pizza too!

Thanks to my good friend Daniel (thanks!!), we had a small apartment here:

map of marina pointing to our flat

map of marina pointing to our flat

The view down to the beach looked like this:

view down to beach and ocean

view down to beach and ocean

My favorite place for gelato was definitely the Caffe delle Rose – the guy was SOOO friendly. Actually, everyone in Marina di Ragusa was!


My favorite shop for fresh fish:


The tattoo on the leg of one of the fishmongers – mystery…


and the origin of the photo. Now, I liked my grand-dad a lot too, but a tattoo branded on my leg?


The beach got a bit crowded on the weekends


But during the week it was calm. We were able to swim everyday and average of twice a day. Oh do I miss that!!


The little apartment has a few cactuses one of which bloomed one morning and then went back to being a boring cactus again – but what a nice bloom!


OK so I’ll stop with the pictures. Leave it to say that it was a wonderful trip and that I have nothing to be ashamed of in terms of having Sicilian ancestry – those folks know how to live and how to cook as well 🙂 I highly recommend the area around Ragusa for its beautiful towns (Ragusa Ibla (ICE CREAM!), Modica (CHOCOLATE!), and Noto (more Baroque beauty), Scicli, Siracusa (amazing Greek theatre and Oryigia is sooo amazing!)…you can’t go wrong as a couple or as a family I assure you!

Homeside, July and August were heavy remodeling times for our Parisian flat – and even now as I write in September, things are not quite done yet. We did manage to get over to see friends near Porto Vecchio in Corsica and there my son because a BIG fan of both swimming and jumping in both the river and at the beach. On the disappointing side, the beaches and the river were quite polluted due to lack of ran and human negligence. Sad but true. Sniff.

Anyway, I am back at work and trying to keep up with everything. I’ll try to be a bit better and consistent with my blogging now that summer is over.

Oh yeah, and grab a copy of The Beatles Remastered in Stereo when it is reprinted in September!!

One more thing: Inglorious Basterds was pretty good. Can’t wait to see District 9 in about 10 days or so with some buddies.


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