Quitting coffee…

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the lamest blogger of them all…
I have been really busy lately and neglected you my little blog. I am really sorry. But here’s what I have been up to if it is of any comfort:
1/ Running, running and running: I am running about 40km per week (3-4 runs) and ran the 20k of Paris in 1:44:46 (my goal was 1:45:00) and now preparing for next years Semi- and Marathon of Paris on 7 March and 11 April respectively. I never really believe folks when they mentioned the addictive qualities of running. But in fact, they were right! Once you get over the “oh fuck this is hard and boring” phase which lasts two or three runs over 30 minutes I found, and you progress towards 45m to 1h per run minimum, somehow the body gets used to the effort level of something and if you don’t run for more than 48h, you really miss it. Strange but reflects my experience in any case.

My equipment: old New Balance 992’s and a spanking new pair of 1063s that I am dying to break in tomorrow! I also have an InCase armband for my iPhone. I broke (!!) my Sony headphones so looking for (and accepting suggestions for as well) new running phones…

I was hoping that running would be a valve for stress. It has been to an extent but not enough really.  So I figured there was something else

2/ Quitting coffee. I stopped drinking coffee 10 days ago. Some folks like my dad started smoking at 13 and have had multiple attempts at quitting but always went back to their trusty Marlboro Lights after some period of time. I only smoked from when I was 31 – 39 (with a 18 month hiatus in the middle) and found it relatively easy to definitively quit on 14 July 2008. So coming back to my subject, I figured that having started drinking coffee at about 13, I should try to quit coffee – at least for a time. My stress level has been rising of late (coming baby in December, our second, issues at work (to be discussed later), etc) and figured that if I continued drinking 5-10 coffees per day, I’d end up slugging someone. Anyway, I quit on Monday morning (after a pot of morning coffee alas) and had a splitting headache for 3 days. My masseur told me that it was due to the thinning out of my blood (the acidity of coffee thickens the blood apparently). Perhaps, but in any case, it was bloody painful. How I have passed 10 days and not sure what to do actually. Should I definitively quit or reduce my intake to just one decent (not machine, not pure Arabica, etc) cup or expresso per day? I guess since coffee (since Bach’s Coffee Cantata anyhow) is considered a pretty banal drug, I am having a hard time knowing whether quitting will do me good or just make me more grumpy than usual.

I suppose I’ll figure it out eventually…but in the meantime, I think I am sleeping better and taking a less emotional tack to dealing with stress. At least that’s what it feels like so far…

3/ PLM Titanic. For those following the PLM market, last Monday 26 October, IBM announced it was selling its PLM business to Dassault Systèmes for $600M. Yes, I am one of the 700 folks that will be part of DS starting 1 April, 2010. No, I am not thrilled about it but I am learning to live with it. It could be a good thing, it could be a lame thing. Only time can tell so I just have to wait it out. I am just disappointed that I didn’t have any choice to stay with IBM somehow but that’s all water under the bridge now. Gotta roll with the changes as R.E.O. Speedwagon would say.

So there you go. I’ll try to write more often oh blog of mine.




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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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