Backups and other life-changing events

One of my mantras is too many backups is never enough. I am a huge fan of Leopard and Snow Leopard due to their inclusion of Time Machine right in the O/S. However, one always risks getting caught out in the cold. It just so happens that I spent several hours the last week or so massaging and cleaning my 400+ GB iTunes Library on an external 500 GB Storeva USB drive. Last night I was playing xmas music for my son thru iTunes off my disk and a thought crossed my head that it had been some time since I backed-up my disk. Well, famous last thoughts. This morning I get to work, plug in the USB disk and SL asks me whether I want to Initialize/Ignore/or Eject my disk because my MBP couldn’t do anything with it 😦

Amazing how something like that can really ruin your day. To be honest, I think I have about 99% of the music backed-up somewhere but the 1% will take me months to find digging through 400+ GB / 35k files…that and losing all the cleanup actions. ARGH!

I am gonna be a Dad again this Christmas. Can’t wait but jeez is it hard to find a name for a girl that works both in French and English. I am open to suggestions but with less that 3 weeks until the due date…

Meanwhile, my pace in running has increased to 12 km/hr. That is faster than I drive in rush hour in Paris :p I am a bit concerned of my friend’s marathon performance over the weekend – he is very fit (finished 6th in a triathlon a few months back) but hit the Wall big time at 35km and almost crawled for 36-38km. He finished in 5h15. Scary because I was hoping to do the Paris marathon in 3h45 next April and he was the one advising me on interval training for preparing the big run. Oh boy, what to do now?

Otherwise, I discovered thanks to a thoughtful b-day gift, Raymond Chandler and really like Philip Marlowe as a real private dick in the LA under-side. Great writing too. I finished the Big Sleep and am working my way through Farewell, My Lovely.

Well, more later.


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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One Response to Backups and other life-changing events

  1. Jerome says:

    Well, seems you now have two fully functionnal backups ain’t you

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