Happy New Year for 2010!

In other news, I wanted to wish my readers an excellent 2010. Some of my plans and resolutions:

  • be an excellent dad to my two kids and a loving, caring husband to my dear wife
  • succeed in the transition professionally coming this April
  • receive my CDs from Waterloo Records – I wanna hear that Vol 17 KGSR Broadcasts CD!!
  • finish Visions of Jazz by Giddins and purchase the accompanying CD
  • finish tagging and categorizing my 12k photos in iPhoto
  • reconnect with a maximum of old friends and colleagues
  • run the Paris Marathon in 3:45:00
  • get back into climbing and hit the 6B/C/7A level by 2011
  • redo the kitchen and kid’s room of my Parisian flat and perhaps buy a secondary residence…

So it will hopefully be a good and fruitful year for me and I hope also for you!

Best Wishes,


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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