Turner at the Grand Palais

Once again, I have been VERY amiss about “regular” blogging. Here’s a quick one to get me back on track.
During my paternity leave, I took about 90min to go through the Turner & the Masters exhibit at the Grand Palais. I believe it was the opening day as well 🙂 It was very informative. I am not a huge fan of landscapes or of 19th C portraiture but have always held fascination for Turner’s use of light and innovative painting techniques. The expo was chronological and typically showed one or two “master” paintings with with Turner was definitely or most likely familiar and then the resulting painting as re-interpreted by Turner. The audio-guide was good but as the numbers got mixed up (#7 was in room 4 whereas #13 was in room 2 and #11 in room 3, as long as you are less anal-retentive than me in going by the numbers, it isn’t all that disturbing. The quality of the commentary (I took the original French so can’t comment on the English translation) was good to great. Every painting had at least a small paragraph in both French and English and the section headers were also translated. As for the works themselves, there were some fantastic Turner’s but some forgettable ones too. The old man was definitely far better suited for landscapes than for the human form and in particular drew particularly weird faces and such. The landscapes however, including the incredible sunrises at the end of the exhibit) can be stunning.
Definitely worth an hour or two to check out and learn a bit about the “best landscape painter of the 19th C” as the exhibit catalog says (39€ in English or French softcover, 49€ in French hardcover – but excellent quality and faithful reproductions). Enjoy 🙂


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