Short weekends

I mean are there really long weekends? I mean, when you are a parent that is. The time flies by so incredibly fast. Its like at the birth of my son, I shot 1000’s of pics and hours of vid with my camcorder and now with two kids, well, its almost an insurmountable effort to pull my iPhone out of my pocket to snap a quick shot. Its like running a marathon everyday all day. And with my wonderful 15h of home-work commute a week, well, I just don’t get all that much down time. OK so is that a good excuse for not blogging? No, not really but just a statement of frustration that we can’t add, say, an 8th day to the week or an extra rest week somewhere or other.

As for reading, I started the epic G.E.B. but haven’t got past the intro yet. Work obsession most likely. So, I am reading the 5th Edition of Windows Internals. As an usually anti-Windows guy, I know that must sound quite surprising, but actually it is quite interesting. The improvements in Windows Server 2008 and infinitely superior to what they have done in the past. I am waiting now for the followup 6th Edition that is apparently in preparation for Summer ’11 from the super folks – Mark in particular. For a true nerd, it is a good read. What can I say, I suppose one always goes back to ones roots.

So one last note and then off to bed with me: Probably the best movie I saw this year (and no, I didn’t see very many, just 10 or so given the lack of time heretoforementioned) was Machete by Rodriguez. Yes, it is gratuitous in both sex and violence. And so? It is funny, witty, crazy, exciting and just so over the top that I came out feeling far more positive and happy than when I entered the movie theater and that’s why I go to the movies anyway. Well, I think so anyhow.

Oops, one other last, last note: TV series: I finished Mad Men S04 and was quite disappointed with the finale. Found it cheapened the otherwise great writing in S04. New obsessive series for me is Breaking Bad. Completely mad and chaotically switching from pathos to humor all the time. Keeps you guessing and yearning for another hit. I guess that’s one thing that makes good TV. And rich TV producers…

Until next time…
And by the way, Fino don’t Gaga


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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