Harry Potter VII – Part 1

Personally, I left the HP stories after volume 4 (order of the Phoenix I believe, or was it the Chamber of Secrets), and to my memory I only saw the first 3 films. Last week, I decided to make the jump to the penultimate movie – and this without even cheating on Wikipedia to understand what I had missed (I have since cheated btw). As a movie, it was a bit belaboured with Harry&Co hiding out most of the time not really going after the Hoxacroxes or whatever those things they needed to destroy are called. The Ministry of Magic was very cool in a sort of Brazil/1984 kind of way. And the camera work was great – a bit of a Lord of the Rings throwback. Speaking of Lord of the Rings, there was also a bit of borrowing from the Ring with the nefarious psychological impact on the wearer of the amulet before it is finally destroyed by the miraculous and timely re-appearance of Ron. I suppose that either (a) I should have read the other books to appreciate the plot better or (b) I am just getting too damn old but honestly I am not all that encouraged for HPVIIP2 next summer. As I mentioned before, I did cheat via Wikipedia so I know that there will be a big battle of Hogworths…but perhaps Rowling got a bit confused on the soul shards thing because even having read the piece in Wikipedia, it sounds a bit far fetched…perhaps a real Harry fan will tell me that things are far clearer in the original books?


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