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Streaming free music

For those fans of music, I thought I’d give you a couple of tips I have found. In terms of sites with free music streaming and a very wide variety of choice, and Spotify are probably your best options. … Continue reading

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Bands of Brothers

I have a sister rather than a brother and always wondered what having a brother would be like. My son probably will never know either as he, just like me, has just a younger sister. I suppose in my imagination, … Continue reading

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Another quick one – on GTD

I am kind of tired tonight so I’ll make this relatively quick. Some thoughts on GTD. As I have previously written, my adoption of GTD consists primarily of Outlook folders called TO DO, TO READ, FOLLOW UP, WAITING FOR, NEXT … Continue reading

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Quick post just to say I did a post – Genesis Discography

I am out to dinner tonight with the wife and friends so no deep philosophical thoughts today. Perhaps just a quite note that I listened to the Genesis catalog. There is some awesome stuff in there – my favorites being … Continue reading

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Book Review: Windows Internals 5th Edition

I referred to Windows Internal 5th Edition in my post last week “Me and Windows”. I completed the book this week and thought I’d give you a small review. The book starts out great. The first chapter on Concepts and … Continue reading

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The Cars

I have fond memories of the 80’s back when MTV still rocked and music in general (at least what I listened to) seemed less angry. I remember Tommy-Two-Tone, Dixie’s Midnight Runners and all those other one-hit wonders. Mixed in that … Continue reading

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Okkervil River

Although technically Okkervil River is also a 00’s band with their first album coming in 2000, I am going to avoid comparing them to Arctic Monkeys or even the Dirtbombs because I feel they are in another category. They have … Continue reading

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