Kaiser Chiefs vs Arctic Monkeys

In the corner on the left we have the Kaiser Chiefs and in the right corner we have Arctic Monkeys. Both formed in the midlands in 2003. Both have three studio albums and one live album. OK so Kaiser is a quintet whereas Arctic is a quartet but anyway…It seems they are moving in opposite directions. Their debut albums were both hugely popular:  Employment and Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not respectively. Personally, I prefer the latter by a longshot. It is more edgy and frankly kicks ass whereas Employment despite its spunk in I Predict a Riot, stays pretty tame in my opinion. The followup albums Yours Truly, Angry Mob and Favourite Worst Nightmare show the first settling into a kind of boring rut whereas the second was as explosive and perhaps even more energetic than the previous. The latest Kaiser effort is perhaps their best so far: Off with Their Heads. It rocks a bit more and is a bit more balanced. On the other hand, Listen Now! Humbug from Arctic Monkeys was for me a big disappointment. Its like they completely lost their edge and the album just kind of drags on. I hope that the next effort comes out a bit more like the first two. And I’ll keep tabs on Kaiser Chiefs to see if the next album continues what I see as an improvement over their first two…

I suppose I was inspired to make this comparison by the film Dig! about Dandy Warhols and Brian Jones Massacre. The irony I find is that although the film shows the Warhols as the winners and Massacre as drugged-out losers, it is still Massacre and not Warhols that got the nod for the theme song on Boardwalk Empire. What I also find interesting is that the song “Straight Up and Down” is not all that great – what is great about it is precisely the intro and closer guitar licks and that’s exactly what the editors chose for the title track.

Speaking of Boardwalk Empire, only two more episodes and I’ll be caught up with that particular series. I love Buscemi’s portrayal of Nucky Thompson and cannot help but applaud the return of Omar from The Wire (Michael K. Williams) as Chalky. Excellent stuff. Can’t wait until the second season! Well, that and Treme’s second season as well as Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara parts 3. I suppose I need to catch up on Dexter but then I also think that I should catch up on sleep too…


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2 Responses to Kaiser Chiefs vs Arctic Monkeys

  1. Christof says:

    Hey Fino, sorry to say, but the KCs are simply great, while the AMs to me are simply overhyped. I will continue to read your blog anyway, don’t worry 😉

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