White Stripes, The

In my nascent tradition of listening to full discographies from different bands, this week I was hanging with Meg and Jack. I love the concept of a two person group. I also love the idea of Meg pounding away relentlessly on the skins while Jack hammers out bluesy riffs a gogo and screams and sings. And yet the music is so BIG.
The first album, White Stripes, is like a blinding white light which burns a hole right through your brain. My faves: the cover of Stop Breaking Down (rest in piece Robert Johnson!), Slicker Drips, Wasting My Time, The Big Three Killed My Baby…

The second album, De Stijl, shows growth and maturity but keeps the raw intensity really high. (it is also how folks like me first heard about the term De Stijl (see my previous blog entry)). My faves: Hello Operator, Little Bird, Apple Blossom, Why Can’t You Be Nice…

White Blood Cells (the one I discovered them with) shows much more range as they come into their own. It is the ground-breaker where their assention to rock god-dom is well on its way. My faves: Hotel Yorba, Expecting, Fell in Love with a Girl, Dead Leaves, Now Mary, Offend in Every Way.

Elephant. What can I say? It is a super comet towards the stratosphere. Whether it is the awesome power of 7 Nation Army or the sublime blues of Ball & Biscuit, there is no pause on this album – everything just fits together.

Get Behind Me Satan. Consolidation of previous successes with no drop in intensity. But perhaps more searching in new directions: Blue Orchid is the shit. Instinct Blues screeches and your ears bleed. Perhaps if I had to pick one that was slightly weaker than the others, I’d pick this one but you’d have to hold a gun to my head or threaten to make me listen to Kylie Minogue or Lady Gaga.

Icky Thump. Pure genious. They are all over the map in the most masterful fashion. Bone Broke and A Martyr for My Love for You are fantastic tongue in cheeks. 300 MPH Torrential Outpour, Icky Thump, I’m Slowly Turning into you, and Catch Hell Blues are my favorites but everything on this album is delicious and explosive. To be honest, this little experiment was my first contact with Icky Thump and I was blown away…

Under Great White Northern Lights. The live CD which is priceless. I hope that I’ll have the chance to see them live some day…

Thanks to my friend Jeremy, I am going to watch “This Might Get Loud” with Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White and I’ll let you know what I think. I was initially shocked to see Jack’s name in this imposing group, but after my listening this week, I think he has earned his keep.

A few footnotes:
The Raconteurs, one of Jack’s side projects, has two albums out of which I prefer the second one, Consolers of the Lonely, over the initial one, Broken Boy Soldiers. I especially love Carolina Drama and The Switch and the Spur.

Jack’s other side project, Dead Weather, has yet to grow on me…


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