Arctic Monkeys vs. The Strokes

Still trying to find a band that can beat the Arctic Monkeys, I gave The Strokes their chance. Just like Arctic Monkeys, they have three albums out and again just like the Arctic Monkeys, their first one made quite a splash. I have the original CD with the Spinal Tap-style cover (god the one that they censored it with looks awful!). It is a great album but you know, I couldn’t help feeling a little cheated in the sense that the guitar licks were begged borrowed and stolen from all over the place: Tom Petty’s American Girl, GNR’s Sweet Child of Mine, any number of Lou Reed licks because of all the throwbacks to the Velvet Underground…I guess the inventiveness was interesting but I found it a bit contrived. That being said, my right hand instinctively reaches for the volume in the car when New York City Cops comes up on the iPod. But…their second album sounded a bit less inspired and the third was completely flat. OK, so I still have to re-listen to Humbug as mentioned in the comments, but I have to once again give the nod to Arctic Monkeys for my preference between the two.

So who should be next? Trying to decide because I need a 00’s band that rocks but stays a bit in the alternative space…Coldplay is clearly too pop (and mostly too low-key). Arcade Fire is way too down-tempo (at least for me), perhaps Kings of Leon…what do you think? Feel free to sound off in the comments.


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2 Responses to Arctic Monkeys vs. The Strokes

  1. Poulet says:

    I have a weak spot for Interpol, have you listened to Antics ? Push the volume up and make your windows shiver on “slow hands” …

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