Arctic Monkeys vs. The Streets

A quick post ‘ cos its nerds night out tonight and so I won’t have time later. Trying to find someone from the 00’s that can beat Arctic Monkeys who have as you might recall beat Kaiser Chiefs, The Strokes, and Franz Ferdinand. So, is it fair to pit them again Mike Skinner, aka The Streets? The latter is more rappy but still has a fuck-you attitude and is a chronic in its own way of a different pot-smoking lazy-ass lifestyle. I only have his first two CDs. I’d have to say that Original Pirate Material kicks some serious bootay. I love almost every track. It is definitely a “turn the knob far far to the right” kind of album. However, he seems to have become a bit cynical with time. At first glance, pitting the first AM album against OPM, OPM would nearly beat Whatever People Say I Am, but the second album sounded like an inferior copy for The Streets whereas I felt that Favorite Worst Nightmare stayed more innovative.
I have to once again give the nod to Arctic Monkeys with the caveat that I’d need to listen to the last two disks from The Streets to be a more objective judge.
Your thoughts?


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