A quick ad for a site I recently found and greatly appreciate: Daytrotter ( Kind of like KGSR, it is a radio station which welcomes artists for short sets. What I like about it is that they share mp3’s for free (and lossless ones if you pay) with excerpts from the sessions (that would be a nice idea for KGSR actually!) on their website. I loved the recent Social Distortion set. The only frustration is that since they are posting 3-5 mp3’s every day, its really, really hard to stay caught up!

For those unfortunate souls that have never been to Austin, TX, KGSR (or K-geaser to us intimates) is a radio station (and a website) in Austin with one of the most eclectic playlists I have ever heard (here in Paris, there is FIP with the super-sexy traffic reports but I prefer KGSR’s mix). I believe I previously mentioned the Broadcasts series that they publish every Thankgiving and of which I am the proud owner of all 18 volumes. These double CDs recapitulate the 40 or so best songs from the past year from artists that breezed through Austin and left some songs behind. Needless to say, I’m a big fan. My favorites were Vol. 4 and Vol. 15 I believe.

More later on other series (Back to Mine, etc)


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