NSFCCDP January Film: Green Hornet

Last night in quite reduced numbers (there were 4 of us), the NSFCCDP went to see Green Hornet. Naturally, the reviews are lukewarm and honestly, that is being rather generous. Yes, there were some funny moments and the fight scene between the primary protagonists was well-shot. I was also happy to see Chad Coleman (“Cutty” from The Wire) but very disappointed that his two lines in the film were “[Grunt]” and “Yes, boss” and that they killed him off rather early. Now that I think of it, he was more or less the only colored person in the film. The hero (and I can’t even recall his first name which should tell you something) never really for me developed any sympathy around him. He started and remained a thankless, spoiled brat. The bad guy seemed like a total loser – I know that was supposed to be the humor but I found him more annoying than funny. The car was pretty bad-ass but then so are the cars in all these movies. I mean Machete’s motorcycle was far cooler than anything the Hornet could bake up. And the sushi USB key at the end? The dialogs were really bad, the story very loosely sewn together….I suppose it was exactly as to be expected. Funnier than Iron Man 2 but a more or less forgettable superhero movie.
Hopefully Tron, Thor and Green Lantern will make up for this in the superhero/SF category later this year!


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4 Responses to NSFCCDP January Film: Green Hornet

  1. Poulet says:

    OK, the hero is not very likeable, the bad guy lacks of charisma and the movie has its ups and downs but it does not take itself too seriously and carries an often nice “second degré” .
    The (fake) 3D is cheesy but fun and the good moments are very appreciable.

    The main difference with Iron man 2 is that GH has a certain style and soul as the other one is just the usual flashy hollywood crap.
    I loved the pink panther reference, thought the sushi moment was a bit long but ended rather nicely and enjoyed the Kato moments.

    To conclude, GH is better than Iron Man 2 but far away from Kick Ass


    The poulet

  2. mfinocchiaro says:

    But we’re we all hankering for a “real” superhero movie like the first Batman or the first Superman? Those had atmosphere and the actors were, well real actors and not second rate losers.
    Did I mention that the name Kato (wikipedia: 加藤, characters for “add/increase” and “wisteria”) is the eleventh most common Japanese surname and not Chinese despite the character being (according to the movie) from Shanghai?

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