It Might Get Loud (Part 2)

I finished the movie four days ago and I am still in a daze. It is a real rock masterpiece. Thanks Jeremy for the tip! It was really cool to see the inside of the heads of Page, Edge and White. Taken separately, it is hard to see their commonalities but in the film you see that each was extremely innovative in quiet sort of ways. Jimmy Page wasn’t really in the spotlight as much as, say, Keith Richards, but is, of course, one of the best guitarists in rock-n-roll and we learn in the film that he invented the double-neck 12-string/6-string electric guitar for playing Stairway to Heaven live. As for The Edge, I had no idea of the innovations he has made with pumping his guitar through myriads of pedals, amplifiers, synthesizers and the like. I laughed out loud during the sequence when he plays the “real riff” for “Get Your Boots On”  and the album/souped-up version. Its hilarious. And then there’s Jack. Who else could have created a two person blues/garage/thrashy band with his wife and proven to the world that he belonged in the guitar elite? I found a copy of his favorite song as mentioned in the movie “Smilin’ in your face” by Son House and there is an amazing soul to the record and a magical simplicity to its genius. So happy that he pointed that out.

You absolutely must get all the way to the end for the jam and I won’t spoil anything by saying that to see Page work his magic, Jack throw in his own bits despite his being obviously impressed by the company he was keeping and even The Edge holding his own for his solo, it would have been worth the price of admission. OK, sound as the title implies, your ears won’t bleed but you heart will smile.

Over all, the film is an absolute must for music fans. I have listened to Icky Thump about a zillion times since watching the movie. And last night (as you’ll read in my previous post), I grinned when, despite the crappy movie, “I Am Slowly Turning Into You” was sampled in Green Hornet.


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