Arctic Monkeys vs. Kings of Leon…and bring on The Dirtbombs

Hmm, stiffer competition this time. Kings of Leon has 5 studio albums out of which I have listened to Aha Shake Heartbreak and Only by the Night. I did a little research for this post and learned that there are actually three brothers and a cousin (the Followills) which is an interesting twist. Most reviews talk of their southern roots but it took me a few listens to identify them honestly. I keyed more in the synths and guitars and didn’t really catch the drawl – perhaps being from the South myself it just sounded like home…the Kings have good songwriting on the two albums I have heard and their licks got much catchier on Only By the Night but they were bordering on pop-phenom and moving away from “fuck you” rock.  I guess I have to once again lean towards AM on this one…

But wait, how about The Dirtbombs? Technically they were created in the 90’s but their first real album “Ultraglide in Black” didn’t appear until 2001 which sort of qualifies them as more of a 00’s band, doesn’t it? I think I might have finally found a legitimate band to blow away Arctic Monkeys…”Ultraglide in Black” is a masterpiece. Mostly Motown covers, it is so much an “11” album. The trashy Detroit-y takes on “Livin in the City”, “Underdog” and “Kung Fu” are instant classics. Here’s something dangerous: listen to “Livin for the Weekend” on a Friday and see if you are not trying to sneak out of the office early. And if that’s not all, “If You Don’t Already Have A Look” (a collection of b-sides) will blow your mind with the “No Expectations” cover, “Candy Ass” and “Stuck Under My Show”. You will laugh you ass off with “Never Licking You Again”. There is just oh so much here and it is all over the map musically. Yes, I am sorry to say Arctic Monkeys have been de-throned. The Dirtbombs are my new 00’s champion…for now.


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