Quick post just to say I did a post – Genesis Discography

I am out to dinner tonight with the wife and friends so no deep philosophical thoughts today. Perhaps just a quite note that I listened to the Genesis catalog. There is some awesome stuff in there – my favorites being Trick of the Tail, Duke and Abacab. Second tier favorite would be Wind and Wuthering and Genesis. The early Gabriel stuff is a bit hard to listen to for more than 20 minutes at a time (I tried, I swear!) and the stuff after the album Genesis is too poppy to bear personally. I would like to suggest that the 2000 remake of Carpet Crawlers with the original Collins-Gabriel-Banks-Rutherford-Hackett line-up that appeared on the Turn It Up Again greatest hits collection is excellent. I liked Lamb Lies Down on Broadway but only in spurts and mostly for the big hits like Carpet Crawlers and the title track.
So there you go. Genesis in 1000 words or (much) less.


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