Streaming free music

For those fans of music, I thought I’d give you a couple of tips I have found. In terms of sites with free music streaming and a very wide variety of choice, and Spotify are probably your best options. Deezer works fine on through most corporate firewalls. You’ll need the paid version if you want to share playlists with your iPhone or iPod.

Note that the free version of Spotify just spams you every 3 songs with two ads but you have access to 10000000s of songs and can create and share playlists. Unfortunately, you have to pay for iPhone access.

Note also that Spotify is not very friendly with firewalls. My trick was to use the corporate proxy in the Spotify settings. There was an additional snag because we have a .pac file for automatic proxy settings. The trick there was to grab a text copy of the pac file via the file:// uri and then find the appropriate proxy server IP address and use that and the process of elimination to determine to correct mode (HTTPS or Socks, etc) and bingo – free music 🙂

Other options are GrooveShark which is similar to Deezer but has an excellent GUI, StereoGum for new music, which is kind of like Deezer meets Twitter, and Pandora (but this one is US-only so us Europeans can’t play :(.

For fans of Google Chrome, there is one more that I’d like to mention that I find really cool: ExFM. You load this up as a Google Chrome browser extension and when you browse to a site with mp3s, it automatically catalogs all the available music so that you can search and listen to all of it without having to remember which site you heard the original song on. Check it out 🙂


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