Back to Mine Volume 7 – Morcheeba and Volume 8 – Talvin Singh

Continuing my voyeuristic peak into the intimate spaces of some well known DJs and groups tonight, I will review two more volumes of the Back to Mine series.

The one album of Morcheeba that I am familiar with, Big Calm, is really eclectic. That is also what we can say about their installment in the Back to Mine series. There is some house here (“Cheap Thrills”  by New Kingdoms, “Baby Let’s Dance Together”  by Kittu. There is also some rap (“What It Is”  by Missin’ Linx and “Hidden Crate” by Giant), some triphop (“Someday” by Alice Russell), some great funk (“Put Everything Together”  by A Plus), some ‘Nawlins music (“Chevrolet” by Taj Mahal and “Gris Gris Gumba Ya Ya” by Dr John) and some Bossa (“Baby”  by Os Mutantes). The one track of their own here “On the Rhodes Again” is pretty chill but not really my favorite mood for Morcheeba. Perhaps of the first 10 or so Back to Mine, this is a nice, heterogeneous mix.

I am only slightly familiar with Talvin Singh’s work (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan whose “Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Remix)” is here and so forth). His reputation as a tabla giant precedes him so I was expecting some great drumming. Well, there is lots of booming bass with the club tracks he presents (“W30” by Dub Tractor, “Delta” by The Higher Intelligence Agency). There is lots of deep chill as well (the overplayed “Weather Storm” by Craig Armstong, “Monsoon” by Vibrasphere). I did enjoy the Bollywood track (“Kabhi Unke Milan Ke Asha Ne” with the beautiful voice of Swate Natekar) as well as “Om” from old favorite Trilok Gurtu and a reminder of the genius of Ali Furka Toure with “Mali Dje”. I was expecting a little more out of “Dance” by U. Srinvas & Michael Brook – it never really gets off the ground. The other tracks are standard house (“Song of Sand 2” by Nils Petter Molvaer…) I was left a little wanting on this disk.

Next up in this series are M J Cole and Orbital. I expect a bit more rap and lots of trance/house/techno…


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