Back to Mine 9 – M J Cole

So going back to a previous theme, Back to Mine, I listened to MJ Cole’s contribution today. It brought back some nice memories of drum&bass from one of my favorites LTJ Bukem and his majestic “Music”. The Outkast tune “Spottiedottiedopalicious” is fun. It is always refreshing to hear Burning Spear and here “Civilized Reggae” fits the bill nicely. [At the top of one of the ski runs here, my wife and I appreciated that there was often reggae playing :)] Another surprise was the classic break of Ravel “String Quartet in F Major”. Actually, it didn’t seem so out of place since strings are so prevalent in loungey/Buddha Bar kinds of mixes. MJ Cole’s contribution “Lady Love” was a nice piece of D&B in chill mode. Another throwback was The Commodores “Zoom” which has the immortal Lionel Ritchie voice on top of real funky music for once rather than the pop blather that he got into later. In a similar vein, Archie Bell and the The Drells “Strategy” was a nice funky discovery for me as well. There were slower and a little poppier moments on the disk such as “Sunshine” by Handsome Boy Modelling School and “People That Love” by Jo Ellis for the former and “Tell Me” by Omar for the latter. Hearing a girl saying she’s watching porno in her hotel room kind of threw me in “Destiny” by Zero 7, but the song was enjoyable in a Morcheeba kind of way. MJ Cole also contributed “Sincere” which was groovy if a bit repetitive. Rounding out the set was the eclectic Cinematic Orchestra and their spooky but groovy “Diabolus”.

Overall, I was agreeably surprised by this installment and left wanting for more…what will Orbital have in store on Back To Mine 10?


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