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Ganesha and Me

I am a Ganesha fan. I admit it. No, I am not going Hindu on you. I am just a Ganesha fan. It all started back during my one trip to Bangalore to train some folks on the software for … Continue reading

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Advice please: Anti-Spam

Blog soundtrack Anyone out there get nasty spam comments on their blog? I am getting some that the WordPress spam filter isn’t automagically deleting. Due to my texmex article, some spam-o-matic site with $10 coupons has my link on there … Continue reading

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Mourning for Wounded Knee (retitled inspired by Dee Brown’s classic :)

I forgot to write about my knee. I can’t run for another two months due to a fractured meniscus. Goodbye Paris Marathon 😦 I saw an osteopath  – a French bone doctor – kind of like a chiropractor not into … Continue reading

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Dreams and Memory: color and refraction

In a similar way that Proust linked the sense of taste and smell with deep-seated and long-forgotten memories, it seems to me that mine are linked with music and color as well. It also seems that at least for color, … Continue reading

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More Battles of 00’s bands: Coldplay vs Arcade Fire

So here’s a quick comparison for Sunday night ‘cos I am tired and its been a very long week. I picked Coldplay and Arcade Fire as recent 00 bands that are both rather low-key.To be honest, I stopped listening to … Continue reading

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Texmex for Dummies (and fake Mexican restaurants)

Now let’s just get this straight Mr. Enchilada Restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany – just because you serve tacos and fajitas doesn’t give you the right to claim you are a texmex restaurant. Giving me a sort of chunky ketchup and … Continue reading

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What happened this week Fino? Gave up on the postaday challenge or what?

I was teaching a class in Stuttgart 10h per day and was in a hotel with ridiculously usurious Wifi rates. Here’s the proof that I had intended to continue blogging: I have converted myself into a sort of fire-hose teacher. … Continue reading

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