NSFCCDP Movie Review: True Grit

Great film from the Cohen brothers. Sadly, I don’t recall seeing the John Wayne original. Manu assures me that as in three other Duke films he eats the dust in the original version. The girl in this film does a marvelous job. Matt Damon is also excellent. And Jeff Bridges…well this isn’t Tron and so he actually does act in this one and he is an amazing alcoholic. OK so the end was cheesy and too long, but the fingers chopped off were cool and the movie does have a nice flow to it. I didn’t feel condescended to and was thoroughly entertained (except for the cheesy ending). Out of 10, I’d be inclined to give it an 8.3. I would still consider Fargo, Raising Arizona and Big Lebowski as superior Cohen products but this one is up there with, say, No Country For Old Men.


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