Chrome vs Firefox vs Safari vs Internet Explorer vs Opera…

A quick post ‘cos I still have 10 emails to finish tonight. I have been alternating between several browsers: Opera, Camino, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. I can’t say that I am a big fan of the first two as they tend to break on some pages (particularly those designed for IE). As for IE, it is necessary for about 1/2 of my sites at work (and the other half only work with FireFox LOL!) and now with IE8 under Windows 7, it is much faster. However, I still get tab hangs. Sometimes, IE can recover by killing the hung tab – a massive improvement – but sometimes it is the old behavior requiring procexp.exe to kill. As for Firefox, I love its flexibility with addons and such like. A while back I listed my favorite plugins and most of them I am still using. But, it also has occasional hangs. Lastly, there’s Safari which is probably the most attractive from a GUI point of view but not all that extensible in terms of plugins. It is handy have lots of browsers for dumb sites like our file transfer site internally that only allows one download at a time! Basically, on Windows, I kind of gave up and use IE about 85% of the time. On Snow Leopard, I’d say I switch every two or three weeks between Safari and Firefox just out of spite. I haven’t honestly settled on either and have a hard time really deciding which I prefer.

Google Chrome. Thanks to Katherine! Chrome is aesthetically very pleasing. I like their tabs and the ergonomy is pretty good. It is relatively extensible. I am using:
AdBlock, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Wikipedia, Evernote and especially I mentioned the latter a few weeks ago and find it particularly useful for grabbing mp3s. However, I tend to switch back to FireFox or Safari after a while due to perhaps just habit. It does tend to be very fast…I guess I am still a bit iffy on Chrome because of the hulabaloo on their T&Cs where they reserve the right to grab any content that you transmit on Chrome as well as voluntarily modify any webpage at will. And that I am not comfortable with. If I am wrong and those original T&Cs were removed, I’d love to be told but I am not gonna read all 128 pages to find out. So for like the privacy issue, I won’t write this WordPress blog over there on Chrome. Guess I’m getting old and cranky…

Your thoughts oh happy reader?


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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2 Responses to Chrome vs Firefox vs Safari vs Internet Explorer vs Opera…

  1. You didn’t mention Chrome, which is what I was primarily interested in. Tsk, Tsk. You said you would. Tomorrow maybe?

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