What happened this week Fino? Gave up on the postaday challenge or what?

I was teaching a class in Stuttgart 10h per day and was in a hotel with ridiculously usurious Wifi rates. Here’s the proof that I had intended to continue blogging:

I have converted myself into a sort of fire-hose teacher. Having developed a mass of material about the architecture and inner workings of the software that I work with, I created what I call a Master Class to disseminate the good word to the colleagues in the field that need the info. The interesting thing about it precisely in the transmission of knowledge. The “students” will come in with varying degrees of experience having heard of the product, briefly used the product or perhaps having already suffered through deployment of it. Adapting highly technical material to a divers audience requires either (a) lots of patience and time – neither of which I have or (b) to use as many exercises as possible to break up the sessions. I have attempted (b) but it is quite challenging because topics like architecture and performance tuning are a little hard to simulate and do exercises on. Anyway, I have been delivering this class in Germany this week and that’s why I missed a couple of posts. My big challenge for today – I have no voice left! I got a head-cold on Sunday and it isn’t letting up. My voice started fading out yesterday afternoon and it is almost gone now. Today is going to be a major challenge because I have at least four lectures of various critical topics…I guess I’d better go drink a few liters of warm milk like Lennon did before recording Twist-and-Shout!

The coda: still kept my voice (barely) until the end of the week. Just back home now, tired as all hell and going to bed!


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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