Is José Bové the Lorax?

You may recall my post about Seuss from a week or so ago. I turned my Persian part-time nanny onto the Lorax and she loved it too! My son’s ONLY ENGLISH is text, rhymes, and funny words from this book if that gives you any idea of how important it is to him. Anyway, I got to thinking about the UNLESS at the end of the book and wondered if…

He hadn’t returned in the form or José Bové…isn’t the resemblance uncanny? The characteristic mustache, the worried eyes, the portly figure…I mean for those who have heard and seen him (some may recall his tractor on top of a McDonald’s restaurant in rural France some years back), wouldn’t you say too that he’s “shortish. And oldish. And brownish. And mossy.

And he [speaks] with a voice that [is] sharpish and bossy?” Here let me show you another more recent photo of the Lorax. This one from the very recommendable iPhone/iPad version of the Lorax. The app is well-written and is loads of fun with the kids. I have several apps from Oceanhouse Media and find that they are all good for kids and so forth. But then, we return to the core problem here, Thneeds.

I mean I guess I wonder if José Bové has an iPhone or an iPad. Does he know what one is? You could almost imagine him (after Seattle in 1999) saying to Steve Jobs “Sir! You are crazy with greed. There is no one on earth that would buy that fool Thneed, er, iPhone”. And yet…I confess as your humble author to be an iPhone and iPad owner. Alas…

So has the Lorax come back with all of his friends? Well, I didn’t get a Truffula seed from the Once-ler and I planted a forest of Truffula trees which everyone needs. And José, well, since the tractor incident and the partial meltdown of the Altermondialist movement here in France, well one might wonder whether he didn’t lift himself up by the seat of his pants and go through the Paris smogulous smog back to the  Barbaloots and Swamee Swans and Humming Fish of Millau and Larzac. Maybe, he just took his Harley down there…in any case, in this world of busted levees in ‘Nawlins, bleeding reactors in Fukushima, and civil war in Libya and Ivory Coast, who could really blame either of them for leaving.


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