The Continuing Adventures of Übernerd

Yes, I think I went overboard on nerdiness tonight. I performed support-cancelling surgery on my MacBook Pro. For the second time. No kidding! So here’s the scoop: I have wanted to replace the Super (Useless) Drive in my Unibody for some time now in order to get a nice fat disk drive in there. I bought a caddy over the ‘net about 4 to 5 months ago and followed the instructions (there is a set here in French [NOTA BENE: Apparently this site went down!] but ones in English abound as well – I chose this one because it had a sense of humor, geek humor but since that is relatively rare on these kinds of posts, I figured it was worth quoting.) Let me warn you that it is a real flying by the hair of your ass experience. Especially when you are an idiot like me that doesn’t read the instructions carefully enough to know that if you don’t rip the plastic end of the disk caddy off, it won’t fit in the laptop. I learned that the hard way but was so frazzled by the microscopic screws that I needed to get back into impossibly obstructed microscopic holes (who designed the insides of these machines anyway, sadistic lab mice or something?) that I didn’t have the presence of mind to rip the plastic cover off the caddy. I instead somehow got all the screws back in and my Mac still booted. So I called it a draw. However, this failure has been on my ass for months now like a rash. So, I went ahead and decided to try again – pulling the damn plastic caddy cover off this time. I proceeded to perform open-heart once again and had to borrow tweezers from my alarmed wife (not at the dangerous warranty-breaking operation but just at my own supposed insanity to give a shit about something as banal as a new disk). This time it was considerably faster and a little less stressful…until I booted up the first time and hit the Mac Grey-Screen-of-Death. I almost shit myself but held that nice thought and recycled the power again.

and ah! the Star Trek Nebula login screen appears. What relief! And now on my desktop I have both disks – my original screaming 256 GB SSD and my brand-spanking new 7200 RPM 720 GB disk drive. Yippee!

Like I said, Übernerd orgy time 🙂

A little Googling found yet another humorous article about this 🙂



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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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  3. Glad you liked the tutorial!

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