NSFCCDP Movie Review – Sucker Punch

Last night, a small group of us went to see Sucker Punch. It was basically like a teenager movie mashup of several computer games such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. The plot was relatively simple, the girls sexy and scantily clad, but there was almost no blood, no nudity, and no surprises really. The music was interesting: in particular Björk’s Army of Me being a recurring theme and a very bizarre cover of Where is My Mind. However, it was entirely humorless and the acting was very plastic. The graphics were OK but the CG was entirely focused on the center of the action with the surrounding areas fading into black with colors being supersaturated towards greens, browns, greys giving the film a strange, ethereal feel. The bad guys were evil but not really all that menacing. I thought the Don Draper appearance was poorly acted as well – that actor should stick with Mad Men and forget the big screen 🙂
So for me it was 2 out of 5. I’ll let the other two guys comment if they wish to disagree.


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2 Responses to NSFCCDP Movie Review – Sucker Punch

  1. Poulet says:

    Hélo Monsieur Fino,

    I must say that I partly disagree with your review.
    The treatment in 3 layers is quite well done but the movie mainly lacks of dramatic issues at least until the 3rd act (out of 4).
    The action “clips” are rather entertaining (giant samurais, nazi zombies in 1st world war (?), dragon chase, etc.) but we just don’t get what’s at stake.
    I rather enjoyed the last part of the movie except for this awful monologue at the end.
    The movie is definitly autherish (and in that way very different from the usual hollywoodian crappy blockbuster) and bold but still wobbly in the image of these gorgeous girls in sexy underwear but completly lacking any inch of sensuality.

    I would give it a 3.5/5
    Tchuss (by the way it’s “where is my mind”)

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