iPad Apps I actually use

This list is actually much shorter because I have realized that to be perfectly honest, the iPad is more of a toy than a tool. Hampered by poor PowerPoint support (and this despite Keynote which I have tried), it is only a backup email platform for me. So besides Mail, I use The Guardian Eyewitness for their fantastic photos, Accuweather because it tends to be accurate (duh!) and it is actually pretty to look at, MyKeePass for the same reasons I mentioned yesterday, Popplet (although I have found it less and less practical), SportsTap for following football and my Gators in particular, and VLC for watching movies.
My biggest disappointments have been Dropbox/2Screens/GoodReader/Box.net/Quickoffice Connect because all touted PowerPoint support and none deliver – at least my PowerPoints get hosed up fonts and colors and icons are misplaced and miscolored. Argh.
Oops, I forgot two other winners: Flipboard and Drawing Pad. The first is pretty nice for browsing through Facebook/Twitter and lots of other RSS-type feeds in a web-oriented manner. Drawing Pad is my kid’s favorite because of the extensive sticker collection.
So am I running out for an iPad2? Not yet. Either I’ll go the US-Store-refurbished route or I’ll wait for the iPad3.


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5 Responses to iPad Apps I actually use

  1. Elias says:

    I agree, the iPad is more of a toy, but it’s a great toy. There are a few practical uses, for example I was in Europe over the holidays and used a couple translator and a couple Europe-specific GPS apps that were super-helpful. Now, I only mention this because you said you enjoy one of the movie-watching apps…you should check out the TV Everywhere app from DISH…you can watch live TV or DVR off you’re home receiver on your iPad (or phone, laptop, etc) anywhere you have a 3G connection. I use this a lot, anytime I ride the bus, waiting rooms, lunch break at work (I’m a DISH customer/employee) but I found it amazing when I traveled, really helped kill the time between flights.

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      Thanks Elias for the comment. Unfortunately, your DiSH app seems to be US-only so it won’t really help me. That’s one bummer about living over here: no satellite radio, no Netflix and no DiSH!
      I did forget to mention that cartoons on the iPad were a lifesaver during car, bus and airplane trips with my 4 year-old!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I want to get my parents an iPad when I have saved up enough money/ when the prices go down/ when the new model comes out and the iPad1 is cheap! haha! I really don’t want to go the route of the new Kindle, even though I know it is cheaper. I really like apple products and rarely encounter problems with them, which will lead to less confusion for the parents. Anyway, I know my dad will really love the accuweather app!

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      The iPad is really an extraordinary device. Don’t forget to survey the Apple Store Refurbished section (on the bottom left) for deals on refurbed but still warranted iPads.
      I’ll need to do a followup post about the apps I am using now because it changes constantly!

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