Ungrateful s.o.b

I guess I am perhaps a bit of an ungrateful bastard when I am honest with myself. I mean, I live in a beautiful city. Just yesterday, during my dual-museum adventure, I walked past the Eiffel Tower, I visited the Musée d’Orsay, I walked across the bridge to the Louvre looking over my right shoulder at Ile de la Cité…Paris has unspeakable beauty. And while I visited the Manet exhibit, I was struck by the thought of almost being bored because I have seen most of the work in the exhibit in the various museums, espcially Orsay, that I have visited and enjoyed over the years. That’s where the ungrateful comes in. I know some folks wait their entire lives to come over, enjoy Paris, soak up the Louvre and Orsay, and all those other touristy things folks do when they are tourists. Its just that after 15 years year, it feels so déjà vu. And part of me is really fed up with the flip side of living here as detailed in my series of posts back one year ago.

To cite another example, a relation of mine whom I have had no contact with in many years just contacted me via FB and asked if it was true what they say about Paris in the spring. Well, what do “they” say and who is “they”? This is my 15th spring here and it seems like spring anywhere else – sunny and warming up for summer. Did I miss a key point of innuendo perhaps? Now it is true that nipple season is coming quick and perhaps that in itself is a kind of Paris phenomenon. See evidence immediately to the right.
I suppose were I honest with myself, I’d see that for whatever reason, I am almost never satisfied. Perhaps that’s why Paris has been a perfect challenge for so long: one can never exhaust the things to do, restaurants to try, museums to explore, exhibits to see – it is overwhelming. I guess the point is that some of the shine wears off and one is more pissed about traffic than in wonder with the façades.


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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4 Responses to Ungrateful s.o.b

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  2. lili c. says:

    Hey cuz-
    Well, it may be too obvious, but you R living in a big congested city…living in the country, everyday lots of time in the fresh air without people, cars, buildings, pollution: then you go to the city to have fun, work, stimulation…after you have charged yourself…I know you do this with vacay’s but…I think I would die in a big (even beautiful) concrete jungle spending so much time in the car everyday…Just a thought….

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