Frank Zappa, Part 3 (a short one)

We're Only In It For The Money

In this my 3rd Zappapost, I will briefly talk about the Mother’s period. From 1965 until the mid-70’s, Frank led the eclectic band called The Mothers Of Invention. They put out about 20 or 21 albums during this period. It also spans the time when the first two albums I reviewed, Hot Rats and Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation were recorded. It is a period that is full of inside jokes and musical experiments and so it is not always easy to follow Frank’s wanderings. Also, I have to admit that I need to listen more carefully to this period because I probably missed a few gems.

Just Another Band From LA

The one album I really did appreciate in the Mothers series is Just Another Band from LA. OK, so I know I need to listen to Burnt Weeny Sandwich and Weasels Ripped My Flesh again, but I always found each of the songs approachable and hilarious. Whether it is the slapstick comedy of Billy the Mountain or the oddity of Call Any Vegetable, the mix of styles and craziness here is fun. Eddie Are You Kidding is also hilarious. And rounding out with Magdelena and Dog Breath, the album taps in at about 45 minutes. OK, so once again there are lots of inside jokes and stuff but the music is really interesting and worth a listen.

I’ll do a better job on my homework for the next time to cover another album or two from this period before attacking the Terri Bozzio/Steve Vai period later.


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