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Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream

Back when I reviewed Jane’s Addiction and the Chili’s, I was neglectful of another monument of alternative rock in the 90’s/00’s: Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream. Their first effort Gish was OK but my favorite is Siamese Dream from 1993. There … Continue reading

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Bobby Bear, Jr – Young Criminals Starvation League

I remain a true fan of Austin music. Really. I mean how many folks do you know that have EVERY KGSR (pronounced K-geaser) Broadcast CDs? Seriously! I have discovered so many musicians over the years due to those CDs. One … Continue reading

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Off on a short vacation…

…to Braggassargues. I blogged about the wonderful Vignes Buissonnières that takes place in this area two years ago but won’t be making it this year. I blew it on my travel planning and although I actually got tickets, I will … Continue reading

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Monumenta 2011 : Leviathan by Anish Kapoor at Le Grand Palais

I was not at all familiar with Anish Kapoor’s work before, but I saw an article about the 2011 edition of the Monumenta and figured it was worth checking out – with the kids too! Since about 2008, the Grand … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa, Part 3

In this, my third post about Frank, I’ll do a quick review of one of my favorites: Baby Snakes. Frank was now on his own with the new core formed around Terry Bozzio, Adrien Belew, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Peter … Continue reading

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Honest is the best policy. Really?

I was faced with a moral dilemma today. Tell my boss the honest truth about something (not something I did wrong or anything just a kind of view on something) or just pretend that there was no elephant in the … Continue reading

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De Stijl by the White Stripes: A Roadmap

I am still mourning the passing of one of the great groups of the 90s and 00s, the White Stripes. I loved Jack’s appearance in Shine a Light and since Hello Operator popped up on the iPod in the car today, … Continue reading

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