Getting older but wiser?

Burgers - thanks for the pic Arnaud!

So, my birthday is tomorrow but since today is Sunday, I decided to hold the annual Fino Bday BBQ on today as it was a Sunday. The weather report for this weekend was rather pessimistic all week but as luck would have it, today was PERFECT bbq weather. I broke out my two Webers and a neighbor contributed the one shown in the pictures and we had a good ole time. Four racks of scrumptious, juicy ribs, tons of burgers and sausages and some delicious lamb chops – of course accompanied by a selection of beer and wine and rum and what have you. It was a lot calmer than the years before kids, but I suppose I actually appreciate that kind of calm these days. I had several newer friends here from work and they seemed to have a great time mixing with the classic crowd that assists more or less each year at this particular event.

So, how am I handling my second step tomorrow into my 40s? Well, for the moment I am hanging in there. Probably the turbulence of two kids and a job change is helping distract from the existential questions of aging, 40, and so forth. I definitely feel that life is far less full of surprises before and that I have seen enough of politics to leave me permanently disgusted all around. Yet, I think I am ripe for the change recently mentioned and perhaps the move to 42 is actually much easier than to, say, 35 or 40. We’ll see if I am so cool in 3 years though!


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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