Undecipherable lyrics

Beware of posting about g-t-d. The dan@gtdagenda.com is apparently a robot because I got the same hokey publicity/comment from that address yesterday. Reminds me that I will delete it because the app is not that great. I think that I will stick with Remember the Milk and try to skill myself at using the ubiquitous Evernote for gathering data. I just still need to find a decent project management software alternative to the fascist MSProject and that has a decent iPad interface…

Thom Yorke singing

Tonight I wanted to talk a minute about lyrics. I suppose that there is music that we listen carefully to for the words: Bob Dylan and other singer-songwriters in particular. Then there are bands like The Rolling Stones or The Beatles that had catchy lyrics that we all have learned by heart even if they don’t always make all that much sense. On the other end of the spectrum, I was listening to Radiohead today and found that when I tried to listen to the words – particularly to songs on OK Computer, Kid A, and the albums following these – it was pretty damn hard to understand what Thom was trying to tell me. OK, I did figure out that whatever it was, was very depressing but still, I really had to concentrate to pick out entire phrases. And yet, I have listened to all of the albums of Radiohead, except for Pablo Honey in as much detail, and glossed over the words because I loved the music itself so much. I just thought how strange it is to listen to music and ignore the words almost completely.

Michael Stipe singing

The other band that reminded me of was R.E.M. Almost all their albums before Automatic for the People were full of incomprehensible lyrics. I still don’t know what Life’s Rich Pagent was about and just hum along to most of Murmur, Reckoning and Fables. Don’t get me wrong, I love all those albums, I just don’t necessarily understand them. So, there is this southern, murky feel to them from both the production and the inaudible words of Michael Stipe but the real meaning of what he is putting across is still shrouded in mystery.

Out of curiosity, I googled up words on a few Radiohead and R.E.M. songs. I fell on a song lyrics site which also allowed occasional music critics and, more commonly, deranged psychopaths to comment on the proposed lyrics. I would never have guessed that Thom York was a born again, anti-abortion Christian but apparently some wahoo thought that that was what Bodysnatchers on In Rainbows was about!?! God, I do love the internet!


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