Quick Observations of Shopping Malls

Eaton Center Mall

I have not been ignoring you oh reader of mine. I swear, I was teaching a class in Montreal and just didn’t have the extra brain cells to write anything creative. OK, so maybe my writing isn’t all that creative anyway but you hopefully read what I mean. I am in Montreal (actually boarding the plane home really soon) and spent an hour or two doing gift shopping in one of the many underground shopping sprawl-malls in the center of Montreal. It led me to the thought of the ways shopping malls use light and aircon. If you think about it, malls began in southern California where someone had the brilliant idea to give folks a shady, windowless, airconditioned place to shop and eat – thus the “mall”  was born. I’ll admit to being a mall-rat when I grew up. A poor mall-rat ‘cos I never had a dime to spend so I’d just drool and play cool like everyone else. Anyway, what I noticed today is that malls are entirely windowless. Well, when they are underground, that is probably normal, but in, say, California or Florida where it is beautiful most of the time (but hot) they are entirely cut off from the sun. From a sales point of view, the shopowners have a captive audience and more wall-space for displays. Folks can walk around with no fear of being run over (except in the parking lot). It is just sad that one spends so much time inside with no windows. I felt a little claustrophobic not being able to see the sun or the grey clouds…

Gotta run to the plane…


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