VMware Fusion Woes


Argh. After running like a top for sooooo long, my Fusion VMware with Windows 7 is becoming a real pain. The performance has gone to shit. Its like walking in quicksand. I thought my keys and so forth were up to date, so after like 10 tries of recovering Windows 7, cleaning the disks and to no avail. Then I did something really dumb, I tried to reinstall VMware Fusion. Well, it would have been fine except that my old 20-digit serial number is no longer valid (I still have the same version of VMware Fusion 3…) and now have been on Chat and on phone hold trying to get them to give me a valid number.


Update: After >1h on the phone, they couldn’t find my upgrade from Fusion 2 Beta to Fusion 3 and I honestly couldn’t find it either. Perhaps I had a free upgrade somehow? Well, they are supposed to release Fusion 4 in a few weeks so I’ll get by with Fusion 3 in Trial mode in the meantime.

Update 2: I am using Trial mode now and think that the problem might have been Rainmaker or bginfo. In any case, I removed them both and things are humming now. My desktop is less pretty but at least things are feeling back to normal. Well, except for the friggin’ license thing. Argh bis.


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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