Off on a short vacation…

Le Pic Saint-Loup

…to Braggassargues. I blogged about the wonderful Vignes Buissonnières that takes place in this area two years ago but won’t be making it this year. I blew it on my travel planning and although I actually got tickets, I will be flying to Tokyo during the festivities. As for this time around, I have a B&B that I have been going to for 9 years now in Braggassargues and and taking my first vacation with just me and my son. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully get some hiking in, perhaps the Bambouseraie…I’ll let you all know of course.

Pic Saint-Loup and sunflowers

The Pic Saint-Loup is a wonderful cliff overlooking the very fertile valley between the plains of Montpellier and the plateau of the Cevennes. It is chock-full of vineyards and wonderful wines as well as delicious food. Like I said, I come here every year. I’ll post about the wines that I try this time and any culinary experiences I have with my kid. Bear with me 🙂


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