Bobby Bear, Jr – Young Criminals Starvation League

Bobby Bare, Jr's Young Criminals Starvation League

I remain a true fan of Austin music. Really. I mean how many folks do you know that have EVERY KGSR (pronounced K-geaser) Broadcast CDs? Seriously! I have discovered so many musicians over the years due to those CDs.
One of them is Bobby Bear, Jr. The son of country legend, Bobby Bear (personally never heard of him before discovering his son)! He had released a handful of albums with a brutally honest style sort of inspired or influenced by Dylan but with lots of original twists. The Young Criminals Starvtion League (2002) was his first full-length album and in my opinion his best, has all the elements of a classic: changing moods, great songwriting and lyrics, and great music. It starts with a sing-along I’ll Be Around (which is now a classic Bare, Jr tune) and then treats us with Flat-Chested Girl from Maynardville. A heart-breaking but incredibly visual song. Bear, Jr’s plaintive voice and the killer lyrics really out us in that poor adolescent’s room as she melts down. Dig Down is an excellent expression of the mix of awe and jealousy those of us born in the late 60’s. There is quite a lot of bitterness in Wht Difference It Makes but it isn’t overplayed. We don’t feel he is waddling in it, just exorcising it, The Monk at the Disco is also a tour de force as a religious farce and a great rock song.
Bear, Jr.’s other albums are good – particularly his cover tunes: Cum on Feel the Noise and Where I My Mind which lose nothing in their Alt-country reinterpretations. There is also a Daytrotter Studio session dedicated to him if you want to check him out of freel


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